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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barbara Lewis
Without you ifeel lonely...Im livingAlone
It been years since i seen your smile.or feel your warmth..ill do anything to feel the touch from your hand..your everything i need. Do whatever you want me to. Regret everything i ever said to do,, What else is there so say so you can return..The Best Mother i could ever ask for. None replacement..I should of Cherish out moments together more..Its Amazing how when i saw you everyday i never toke the time to let you know ill get on knees for you. Do anything you ask me to do..now your distance apart lately ifeen so you..You spoiled me?? you made me the person i am today im Not prouddd of my behaviours or the way i act but the way i carry myself is because YOU..walk with my head real high..dont take nothing from No MAN. cause you were my independent QUEEN..In my mind i see you 2nd to none..without you i cant even smile..Im Slowly Dying to be embrace by your huggg...Im Sorry for the Things i did and Say at your dowwn moments.. My pillows get wet with tears when i even think of the moments ai made yu cry..Im begging im begging beg begging in the future i have the Chances to prove you im a better person..My hearts belongs to You.You are my Mother&Father...
Lady i'll cry for you!!!