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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It happened for a REASON...
I was stuck in Florida airport for the night..MAD as hell i missd my 7:05 flight..the next flight wasnt until 6:30 the next day..(MOUTH DROP)..I met her thought in the strangest wayy (Karen) i needed coins to call my step mom n tell her the situation..She needed an cellphone.. At first i thought she was an bitch...cause she wouldnt let me borrow coincs but then we connect because her situation was way worst..She was a breathe of fresh air, we talk and talk thats all yu can do when ur stranded without money...she's was "having getting HOME problem.NO MONEY NO TICKET..(PULL THE TRIGGER)..powww...then i met (James) my fall out boy..he was funky white..we all agreed somthing we wasnt coming back to FLORIDA :/...also that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON..
Wow rewind i forgot to mention (Karen is 37) (James is 23-25)..also how i missed my flight .. Jamaica airplnes are corupt, how the hell does a plan dont have a gate to park..???..Well my plane stayed on the run way forever so i cudnt go no-where..WTF of 2010..oh HAPPY NEWYEARS k i now it juicy, oh y the way met this guy name sean on the flight n he was bubbly n sweet but extrmemly shyguy haha..yeah back to juicy mixup ish bish...Karen rob dunkin donuts..lmfaooo..good good ish= 37 year old man was tryna date rapeme at the airport..lucckly im smarty pants i said fuqq off n ussed him for hot tea n donuts.. ending James have an amazing tattooo
Funny how 3 different people of age group come and joined as one like long time friend i time of need and comfort..my prayr goes out to karenn...hope yu got home safeee...to ur daughter n boyfriend..because i got home safee...