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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Allergic Reactionnnn..

Gosh O Golly ->("Lala Saying") well i been away but not with choice..
..Computer lock off
..Not being Home
..Allergic Reaction(sucksz) Oman that never happened to me before. I went to sleep perfectly clear woke up my face was a mess. Basically i only thought i was Allergic to "Caramel" but i guess im Allergic to the Unknown. Pharamacy said maybe fluff but Fluff ..nooo.. started with an itch ending with hives and swollen face (sucksz).. it took me 4 days and 1 full package of Ben(whatever) and Bottle of liquid Ben(whatver) and Rash cream..the stupid mistake i did was put baby diaper rash cream on my face to think it would work but in the helping of that it spreaded it made it worst..Atleast now i know never to put diaper rash on my face again..It was my only option at the time..but im not really on a computer now but soon as i get on i will post up a Picture of the Allergic Reaction..Beware its not pretty..i literally mean its not pretty not the Reaction but my Face.hahaha