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Saturday, August 29, 2009


So here the story of my life..Not actually my life but My Canada Life..i found him , mold him , Cant replace him but i feel like im losin him..
I dont understand how we came to the place we are at.. We was such good bestfriend now we like An couple thats on the verge of losing eachother. but we Aint an Couple..its complicated to explain but i know he see where im coming from atleast i hope he does because he's my bestfriend and i dont wanna lose him atleast not this way..Its started with FEELINGS now its ending with ARGUEMENTS over what really.. I never intented to be his Girlfriend..I never expected him to be my Boyfriend i just wanted him as my Bestfriend. but i guess down the road it never played out to be that.I guess everyone right its hard to have a guy as your bestfriend when your a girl and you guys jus remain bestfriends.. Its started with SLEEPOVER and ending with an KISS.. after that our relationship molding into something different something im not really prepared for or am i..i know for a fact im not ready for a relationship ima Macc that what i do best. Dating my bestfriend would be unsafe ill hurt him deeply and that something i wouldnt live with myself if i did..so i try to Avoid dating him not because i dont like him Everyone knows we like eachother it to hard to hide. So i give up trying. but dating him in the mind state i am in will start it with an HELLO and end with an sad GOODByE.